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The Internet: A Double-Edged Sword – Empowering Lives or Ensnaring Minds?

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By Rabia Kabir

Few of us would be completely ignorant of the name of internet and its usage in today’s time.

Is there anyone like that? I do not think so….. Because the Internet is a technology that every child in today’s world is familiar with. The Internet is the result of the hard work of these talented individuals. who, after much research, gained limited access to the Internet in the 1960s. Then, in the 1980s, after collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other private institutions, new networks were established on a modern basis. After doing this, the 1990’s saw a significant advancement of the internet. Soon the internet has reached the whole world now everyone is aware of the freedom of the internet in 2023.

The Internet is a huge global network of millions, billions, billions of computers and other electronic devices. Now people who do not have much knowledge about the Internet will have the question in their mind that how does this Internet work in a better way?

It is not that complicated to understand.Internet works very easily. By which we can transfer computerized information from one place to another and also we can communicate with people living abroad through computers with internet connection. Computers communicate with each other through internet wires, cables, radio waves and networks.

“The best and most important feature is that the Internet does not require any special technology to operate.” Children of all ages, young and old can use it comfortably.

Today, the Internet is serving as a source of knowledge as well as learning. In the age of technology, internet has gained its foothold all over the world. Internet is being used extensively in schools, colleges and universities for learning as many people lost their lives after the outbreak of Corona virus (covid-19) in 2020. Seeing this, the government had to take a decision to close the educational institutions. Even after taking such a big important decision, online classes were held and online papers were also taken. In this way the education was continued under the online system due to which there was no loss of education. This was done only thanks to the internet.

You must have heard the word “smart work”. There are many people in the world who prefer hard work, but on the other hand, there are also many people who value smart work. Now smart work has been made even easier by the internet. People who don’t want to work from home but can do business from home through internet including many online business like online marketing is more popular which is being enriched by using internet. It is a great advantage of internet that people can earn some income by doing some online job using internet rather than being unemployed.

When the access of the Internet was less in the world, people had to leave their homes to get information, but gradually, as the Internet spread rapidly around the world, its use also became common. Due to this ease, people now use the internet at home to get information about things by searching on Google and solve their problems easily.

Internet has become the free technology of the world but its biggest disadvantage is that it has no specific policy and that is the reason why its free policy gives rise to hacking which is causing huge losses worldwide. Many people abuse the internet by hacking. And misuse of internet is not only limited to hacking but also people waste their precious time due to internet. If he is a student, he loses his studies and if a businessman, he loses his business. Similarly, people are misusing most of the Internet-based applications like Facebook, Twitter, and other applications that run through the Internet.

Apart from this, many people extort money from unemployed people by luring them with online jobs. Nowadays people deceive the customers in the guise of online business and deliver wrong product to them and all this is happening due to misuse of internet.

These people are among us who are taking advantage of the internet and all this is happening because of the free internet policy.

“They say that any habit, if carried to excess, shows bad effects.”

Similarly, excessive internet use creates a higher level of psychological development.

And nowadays this psychological disease of excessive internet use is found among the youth due to which it has a bad and profound effect on their health. Youngsters use internet-enabled phones continuously throughout the night, which is why lack of sleep affects their health and personality. Apart from this, today’s youth applications like Tik Tok, Netflix, YouTube, which are used through the internet, the tendency of our youth is mostly in this direction.

In true sense, internet is very special and important thing which benefits people in business, education as well as everything. But if internet is misused for bad and wrong activities then it is extremely harmful.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism, semester 8 at School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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