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The Menace of Addiction

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By Fatima Zahid

Rising Drug Abuse Among the youth, the inclination towards drug addiction is increasing at an alarming rate. Drug addiction is like a web that ensnares individuals, making them addicted at first and then driving them to madness when they cannot access it. Nowadays, new types of drugs are being introduced, and this habit of addiction can lead individuals towards death. One such dangerous drug is “Ice” (crystal methamphetamine), a crystalline substance derived from chemical components found in plants and trees. Its use significantly boosts a person”s energy and keeps them awake for 24 to 72 hours, but once the effect wears off, the person experiences extreme fatigue and lethargy. Continuous use can lead to mental illness and eventually death. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, particularly in the tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the use and trafficking of this deadly drug have become widespread. It has spread rapidly across major cities such as Peshawar,Lahore,Islamabad, and Karachi, impacting not only the common people but also politicians and government officials. Even more distressing is the fact that this poison has permeated educational institutions, affecting students, especially those belonging to affluent or underprivileged families. Initially, this drug was confined to the elite class and was served at their parties, but gradually, it became accessible to everyone, including the poor. The government”s efforts to control this crisis have been minimal, and there have been no significant steps taken to curb the smuggling and usage of “Ice.” There are no strict penalties for smugglers and users, and this lack of action has allowed the drug to continue wreaking havoc. It is essential for the government to recognize the gravity of the situation and implement stringent laws to combat the menace of addiction. It is crucial to hold all those involved accountable and launch a comprehensive public awareness campaign to eradicate this lethal drug and save thousands of lives. The students, who are the most affected, must realize that seeking happiness through drug abuse is a fallacy, and the camaraderie enjoyed during addiction is fleeting. Their studies should be their top priority, and instead of succumbing to peer pressure, they should resist the temptation of drugs. The educational institutions should also play a pivotal role by maintaining a strict policy against drug use and paying equal attention to all students. Addiction plunges a person into hell, and the only way out is death. However, it is also worth noting that the apathy and negligence of the Pakistani government towards this issue are also sinful. Urgent and strict measures must be taken to legislate against drug abuse and punish all those involved. Immediate action should be initiated to eliminate this deadly menace, saving the lives of thousands.

This writer is the student of Department of Journalism Studies , University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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