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Traffic accidents in Pakistan

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By Fatima Zahid

Do you know that more people are losing their lives than terrorism in Pakistan and are constantly losing their lives in traffic accidents in which hundreds of precious lives are lost every day? Experts say that if traffic accidents If not controlled, traffic accidents will become the fifth major cause of death by 2030, which is now the ninth major cause of death. More than 1 million people would have given their lives on the streets

48% of deaths are caused by pedestrians or motorcyclists and cyclists, in addition to 46% of people who own vehicles and they also cause more than accidents in Pakistan, according to a government report, one every five minutes. A traffic accident is reported

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 35,000 people die as a result of traffic accidents in Pakistan every year, while more than 50,000 people are injured.

One-wheeling is one of the major causes of traffic accidents and besides, under-age children who are not fully aware of the traffic rules, when they are given a ride, they cause accidents due to carelessness and ignorance.

It is generally seen that motorcyclists lose their lives in accidents due to not wearing a helmet. In Punjab, strict action has been issued by the government for not wearing a helmet, a fine of 2000 and in addition. Those who don’t wear helmets will not even get petrol but still the general attitude of our people is that they can risk their lives but they can’t wear helmets for safety and when they are stopped by traffic wardens. They use different helmets and despite heavy fines, citizens are seen traveling on the roads without helmets.

Motorcyclists suffer head injuries due to lack of helmets due to which they lose their precious lives.It is the job of the traffic police to control the traffic situation and keep it flowing and enforce the rules. Under which many campaigns are run, today the helmet campaign is being run, if you don’t wear a helmet, you will be challaned, you will not be given a place in the parking lot and besides, you will not get petrol. After the government order, the traffic wardens came into action and mobilized to implement the law. Protect your own lives as a citizen

Traffic accidents are a serious problem of the whole world. The seriousness of this problem can be estimated from the fact that Imam Kaaba himself said that breaking the traffic rules is a serious crime in order to enforce the traffic rules. Public awareness is also given in the Friday sermon, besides, such courses have been introduced by the government in the syllabus so that our young generation, who travels after a few years, will know that there were some rules on these roads. There are rules that we should follow and if we don’t follow them, we may cause accidents to ourselves and others due to our carelessness.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies, 8 Semester at University of the Punjab, Lahore.


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