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Trump’s victory – a silent strike of class system

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By Mohsin Bilal

Trump’s victory is no surprise. This is the victory of an ideology; a vision, which can be attributed to extremism. When, practically, concern and anxiety reach its maximum, extremism comes into being. Propagators of secular thinking define it as a prejudice. Trump’s victory shows that American society, in spite of its overarching freedom, still succumbs to the class system.

A section of every society is considered to be leftist. Sometimes, such elements can be seen on our streets also. This human rights’ advocate group is known as ‘Candle Mafia’. Regardless of the issue, this group, in the name of human rights, projects themselves by lighting candles on the streets and cross-roads. Similar group was seen on the streets in the wake of Trump’s victory as the President. Trump called them so-called Protesters. Therefore, regardless of the society being developed or developing, these so-called Protesters are found everywhere. These so-called Protesters also include some writers, analysts, and experts from different sectors. Such scholars feed the public opinion by cramming fascinating examples from the books but, personally, stick to their dogma and bigotry by not admitting the facts.

The second faction considers itself as the backbone of every conventional society. This group is strongly attached to its beliefs and traditions. They are considered as a ‘hidden power drift’ in almost every society. They do not light candles but have the ability to paralyze the routine system of the state any time. They become nationalists, if required; transform into religion; become democratic; and welcome a dictator, too, if suitable. In short, they take any route to fulfil their motives.

The third party is always hanging silently in the vacuum available between the right and the left. They act and react like a pendulum. They do not care about individual or common ideology. Neither the political tilt toward nationalism is important to them nor the power shift toward the capitalists, the socialists or religion. Their support remains as silent and covert as their ideology. No scholar ever in the world could predict their mood, magnitude and number. They have no concern to the situation or necessity either. However, even least expected, they can benefit whichever side they take. In American elections, despite expert opinion and predictions of scholars and analysts, this group mysteriously struck and showed their strength effectively in US elections.

In terms of social structure, Pakistani society is not an inordinate creation of Almighty either but a part of the world consisting of particular beliefs, traditions with unique political pattern of right and left affiliations by a natural order. It would not be superfluous to call this segmentation a beauty of class system in Pakistani society.

Also Pakistanis are not very uncomfortable either by these classes and division. So-called Protesters, an example of ‘one-eyed – a king- among blinds’, showcase themselves here too, although in selling their product, they face no resistance by authoritarians unless their interests and ideology are not threatened by these protests. They are fond of lighting candles and no one tells them off here either. They dress themselves up nicely, appear on the streets, shout slogans while holding placards, light candles and suddenly disappear even before these candles melt.

Traditionalists are so strongly cleaved in the roots of administrative structure of the state, the legislature and the media that even a slight molestation results in state’s exposure to the fatal beehive. They face no legal action unless by their own will. They dictate legislation, dominate the implementation and use power to void it whenever they like. They can hold processions while section-144 is in effect; their activities cannot be questioned by anyone even in curfew; and seldom anyone dare to challenge their authority for, whoever does so, faces extinction as a result by social, political and religious incursions.

Like many other societies, a silent faction actually exists here too. In the history of Pakistan, there is no evidence of any political and social collaborative key achievement by this class. However, this class is individually involved in their respective fields. Another important factor, which keeps these people in conscious negligence, is non-existence of a reliable representative in form of a leader; someone who can wake them up and make history. This inexpressive group, named as working class, can do nothing beyond getting frustrated on problems; and bleating in drawing rooms, coffee shops and at rural gatherings. No struggle, even just to ponder and discern, can be seen by these people. They were invited in processions, gatherings, rallies and protests only to learn provocative hooting and demeaning comments against opposition.

We are such an intelligent nation whose utmost delight is applauding their illusion that, at last, there is a ‘Moses’ standing in face of the ‘Pharaoh’. However, bedazzled by the native ‘Moses’, we are unable to see that all his devotees were also once cherished by the ‘Pharaoh’. Recent American elections and Trump’s victory at least makes it clear that no matter how powerful the media is, consistency and steadfastness are imperative at root level for successful election campaigns. Thinking outside respective electoral circles is also important for inexpressive group who are neither pleased with political promises nor impressed with the media exhibition of false claims. Pakistani leaders must also rethink to end the stereotypical approach of achieving personal interests through demonstrators allured by conventional politics; personalized opinion of professional writers; like-minded analysts using allegations, claims and promises. Lest, one day, this inexpressive majority shall demolish those who play politics with the support of establishment; no one knows.

(The writer is a Pakistani electronic media journalist and currently working with Abtak TV. H can be reached at: [email protected])

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