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UET – my alma mater

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Hafiz Nauman Shafique
Hafiz Nauman Shafique

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore is amongst the leading educational institutions of Pakistan. People prefer UET for engineering as compared to other institutions because of many reasons,including quality education, research work, best faculty and above all readiness of teachers to students 24/7. No field is complete without research work, UET providesbest environment for research. UET Research Center is there to help students and faculty in discovering new materials. About a month ago there was a symposium held in UET on “NANOTECHNOLOGIES”. The main purpose of symposium was to tell the students about the advancement of nanomaterials in daily life means how to cure diseases like cardiac disease, defensive use, automobiles, processing plants in textile industries and many more. In addition to quality education UET also provides facilities to its students like transport facility. Because students in main campus come from far off areas only due to reason that education quality in UET is far better than other universities of Lahore. Due to research and quality education,It is an undeniable fact that students of UET are competing with modern technologies and taking part in various competitions held in leading universities of world. Recently students of mechatronics and control engineering made an amazing robot that will reach to those areas (like dams) where human access is not possible. The total cost for making this robot was thirty thousand. Students made this robot on their own expense to compete with other universities.

Students of UET do their best and make wonderful discoveries to make the world modern and up to date. Also mechanical engineering students made a “FORMULA ONE” car and competed with the engineering students of France, Germany and America and got position.

The average race fuel consumption of a F1 car is 75 liters per 100 kilometers. It accelerates with a speed ranging from 325-370 km/h. I personally preferred UET over other engineering universities because nation needs professionals people to understand the various technologies that are being discovered and UET produce such engineers and professionals to meet the demand of the nation as well as produce expert manpower for Middle East and other countries of the modern world.

(The writer is student of BSc Geological Engineering, 3rd semester at UET, Lahore. He can be reached at:[email protected] )

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