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Unearthing the Gaps: Media’s Limited Role in Tackling Climate Change

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By Mustjab

Being a journalist it’s not my duty to explain the casus of climate change which commonly known as Global warming but apart from all these what is going on in the entire Universe more necessarily it is my moral and ethical responsibility to provoke, realize, educate and make a sense of the word “Climate Change”.

A general phenomena is very much viral in the world that there is no climate change or global warming on earth for which trillion dollars are being consumed to make the minds of the people. During investigation, I revealed that the leading Auto Mobil Company “Nexon & Mexon” has established its own media cell for advocacy to refine the minds of the masses that there is no climate change.

The last cop26 climate summit being held in England among the leading countries of the world with an agreement for reducing the carbon gases not for the current era but for the sake of the upcoming generation. Now the debate is on the trench that what is true, is there climate change or not, and if we do agree that it is really exist than we should do something.

It is also worth mentioning that Lahore the provincial capital of Punjab being ranked on top for its pollution. As per world air index report it is on top of the list in “Air pollution” which become a major problem of Pakistan. Now the question again arises that in “Lahore” there is no mega Industrial zone of other dangerous gasses producing units that how the air index ranked it on top. I am not claiming but according to the data released by IQAir, Lahore is the utmost polluted place in world, with the city’s air quality index (AQI) with AQI of 213 on Friday morning dated 28.10.2022, and second most polluted city of the world Delhi in India has an AQI of 195. The limitations for the good and bad air as per AQI he greater the level of air pollution and danger to human health. Air quality is considered safe if the AQI is under 50. An AQI of between 51 to 100 is considered as moderate and 150 poses a potential risk to children and people with heart and lung disease. An AQI of above 150 is unhealthy for everyone, while levels over 300 are classified as hazardous.

“Delhi” a leading populated city of India is ranked on second top in pollution while the researchers agreed on the verdict that this is not fact because almost 100million vehicles (Including All Types) are covered the roads, sanitation and its relevant issues are on top in the city and more than that about 35milliion people are living on the road side areas or near the main drainage line. So, all these facts may not producing bad air or pollution that’s why “Lahore” is still on top.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide every year. The health body says its data shows that people in low and middle-income countries suffer the most because of their relatively high exposure to pollutants.

In South Asia, the health of around 12 million children is at risk, as they’re exposed to air pollution that is six times the safe limit, said a UNICEF report. In Pakistan, one in 10 deaths in children under the age of five is caused by air pollution. And according to the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, an estimated 128,000 Pakistanis die annually due to air pollution related diseases.

Dr. Abdul Qadir, serving as Associate Professor at college of earth & environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab explained about the reality of climate change and said that industrial pollution is one of the major cause for human and other animals due to which respiratory diseases are spreading in big cities like Lahore which is causing the reduction of human life average for about five to six years. In past burning the tyre & plastic waste was a common tradition which has been reduced but a lot of work is still to be done. Furthermore, smog is now a days a big issue for air pollution, industrial exhaust, burning of agricultural cops & urban vehicle fumes. “Every citizen should play his role for reducing the pollution and instructions of Govt. should be followed in true sprit”,

The entire story has not end yet because the people of third world country where I live in, people being engaged in political activities or struggling in earning livelihood. They have no concern that what would happened in next moment but conscious to get more money for their survival. A research article written by “Ali Shah” titled The coverage of Global Warming in Media Organizations: trends within Environmental Reporting” has explained that the media never publish less interested news while being a fourth pillar of the state it is responsible for to provoke, realize, educate and make a sense of the word “Climate Change”. I have claimed it and I tried to make a connection with twin verdict either it is true or not, question for the general public.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies 8 Semester at School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He can be reached at [email protected]

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