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US: Central establishment global strategy

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Dr James Hufferd

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It’s high time to forego talk about US foreign policy and start speaking instead of central establishment global strategy. Because, with the preponderance of power and influence in the world exercised by the central financial establishment and its minions and operatives, who control and wield by far most of the world’s wealth, liquid and otherwise, it makes little and less sense every day of late to refer initially to decisions emanating, if any really and truly do, from even the most prominent of the world’s collection of nation states. The US, Israel, and the UK are, among hosts of others, are among the minions and operatives, and no longer responsive at all day-to-day to the opinions and aspirations of their de facto subjects (all supposed citizens) unless exercised near-unanimously in strident opposition – which hasn’t happened since the forced dislodgment of Vietnam forty years ago.
A bit longer ago than that, Winston Churchill remarked famously that “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. So effective is the propaganda cover devised and employed today that the same could be said now for at least 98% of Americans regarding what are ostensibly US actions and policies in the Middle East as well as worldwide, as well as strategically within das homeland – no great distinction being drawn anymore between international and domestic. 9/11 happened here, but it was orchestrated to turn the page globally, including here. If more money goes into imperial matters, chaos, and genocide overseas (or here), domestic concerns, being of minimal interest to global investors and bankers, are left hanging.
And how is such an, after all, drastic turn of events made amenable, or at least sufficiently tolerable, to Americans? Or Britons, for that matter? Through fear (the operative emotion from the days of the Pequot, the Armada, and the Yellow Menace), and through elaborate daily maintenance via lies, spin, and non-reportage of the myth of the upstanding America as the good guy incapable of any wrongdoing, as well as through a surfeit of rancid crumbs, in lieu of bread, and of the NFL and Kardashian circuses.
Meanwhile, those primarily overseas who won’t conform to the central bankers’ dictates and rules of conduct (read Putin’s Russia, Iran until at least the other day, Syria, Venezuela,, the Palestinians, formerly Libya and Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Ukraine, pre-Fukushima Japan, Iraq, etc., etc., etc.) are demonized and dealt with clandestinely, deceitfully, or with secretly-funded and likewise shamelessly demonized Gladio, al-Qaeda, or ISIS (ISIL) terrorists, facilitated, protected, and in point of fact given full leeway.
So, even with 9/11, don’t say “Jews did it,” when plenty of Jews, especially in the west, are aggressively anti-Zionist. And please google “non-Jewish Zionists” and see what you find – that vile and duplicitous ideological cabal is rife with such. Neither, say U.S. government insiders or the CIA were responsible ultimately. Because, while the above were not answerable to you or me in presumably so doing, they were answerable and responsible without a doubt to the central banking and world investment hierarchy, which benefited mightily.
Now, what the rest of us must do to thrust the nations and individuals back into responsible control over even the above single-minded entity – the so-called New World Order – before full-blown, irrevocable calamity beyond anyone’s imagination sets in, must be the matter squarely on top of all of our agenda. Think, my friends! Think! And persevere! All depends on it!

(James Hufferd, PhD, is the founder of 911 Truth of Central Iowa. His books include:Cruzeiro do Sul, A History of Brazil’s Half-Millennium and Homeland: A Comedy and Troublesome Country)


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