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Verification of News on Media, Need of the Hour

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By Aryan Khan

Verifying a news before believing it can keep you away from trouble

Availability of media in different forms at one time in today’s world is a blessing as well as a challenge. Most of the audiences, viewers and readers tend to be passive listeners and they do not try to verify a piece of information or news they are provided with by media. So they can be misled or fall prey to a propaganda campaign as they consume and believe it “as it is shown”.

At the same time consequences of publishing or forwarding the same without verification can be very serious and harmful. The verification of news is the process of determining whether a particular news or report is authentic/ truthful or deceptive. Fabricated news creates false conclusions in the minds of readers. Making and circulating false news have costly consequences such as impacting the decision-making process and the consequent outcomes of the decisions. Moreover, the publication of news without verification can put the reputation of individuals and organizations at risk, can mislead the audience, it can also put that particular media outlet in danger.

Government defines Misinformation and Disinformation

Hence it becomes necessary to know and implement the verification process before publishing, believing or forwarding a video/ audio clip, photograph or news story which is found on any media platform. It is important to verify the source and the content. Help from different online verification tools and applications available to verify an audio, photograph or a video can be sought.

Current federal government has recently done some legislation, passed certain bills making new laws, doing amendments in already existing clauses in this regard. Misinformation and disinformation is defined as per recent amendments and penalties( fine + imprisonment) recommended on violation. A mixed response by journalists and media organizations is given on recent legislation . Artificial intelligence is also being used for creating deep fakes to gain sympathies and change perception about any event specifically on digital media now days . Fact checking is necessary to believe a news story, report or a footage to avoid loss, embarrassment and penalties at a later stage.

Few Journalists and Media Organizations claim recent amendments in Media Laws an attack on Freedom of Speech and expression

The writer is student of BS Journalism at School of Communication Studies, Punjab University Lahore, can be reached out at [email protected]







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