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By Rubab Azeem, Jawad Jamil

Lahore: (22nd March,2018)  Seminar  on Gender discrimination and stereotypes was held at the Hameed Nizami Hall, Institute of Communication Studies, Punjab University. Director ICS, Dr.  Noshina Saleem,  Dr. Bushra Hameed ur Rehman, Dr Rashid Khan, Nabiha shahram and Dr Naeem Zafar, (president of ISPCAN and child protection foundation, “Pehchaan”.) were guest of honour.

Nabiha Shahram, Dr. Bushra, Dr Noshina, Dr.Naeem Zafar, Dr. Rashid

It was the project of BS semester 1(ICS).The main purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness among people about gender sensitization and the role of media in this regard. The work of young students on assorted social issues related to gender was displayed. A total of 11 documentary films on grave social evils such as prostitution, child abuse, domestic violence, transgender, early marriages and child labor were played.

The seminar commenced with the recitation of Holy Verses by a student of BS-I. After that students of each group shared features of their documentary. This was the first seminar of its kind.

Dr.Naeem Zafar

Dr. Naeem Zafar discussed the issue of child abuse and problems faced by transgenders in our society. He said that

It is better to accept the roles which have been assigned to genders so that there may be no conflict.

Dr. Bushra H.Rehman

Dr. Bushra shared her ideas and gave the message of equality,justice and love for humanity

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