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Of depression and it’s cure

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By Haleema Javaid 

Depression has become a main problem in adolescence now a days. Mostly people think that depression is just about stress but depression itself has a wide meaning. This is a mental disorder, stress, anxiety having mood swings, suicidal thoughts, losing interest in life and much more. Depression disorders are the biggest mental health hazards of our time.

First depression episode are typically emerge in adolescence. Such early episodes are highly predictive for lifespan developments. This usually starts with the temperamental problems and steadily it just spread around the body and anxiety becomes the part of personality. The persons suffering from depression become uninterested in life, build bad feelings about themselves, have panic attacks, also want to just be away from others. They suffer from insonmia, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, worthless and hopeless feelings, lack of appetite etc.

Young people experience increases dramatically during mid-to-late adolescents. Many things such as parental adversity, non co-operative school system, negative life events, childhood adversity lead adolescence towards depression. Poor interpersonal skills, coupled with negative thought processes, can create difficulties for adolescents negotiating changing relationships with peers and families.

Comulative adverse life events are directly related towards depression such as poor academic achievements. Depressing life events include chronic poverty, parents separation, physical and sexual abuse become the major cause of depression.

The need of the hour that depression should be prevented. Some people take it very lightly but in actual terms it is a serious issue.

Depression can be treated by psychotherapy in which therapist uses a variety of techniques to help the depressed person shift his negative thoughts. Brain stimulation therapy plays a vital role as anti -depressant medication,some doctors might describe anti depressants,mood stabilizers,or anti -psychotic pills.

Many people face depression in any phase of life but they should never lose hope and constantly work for rehabilition. It is important for them that they first know the situation they are facing is depression or something else .

Problem, stress, anxieties all are part of life so people should face it with bravery. Infact parents, schools and other concerned authorities should work for the betterment and keep on the session of motivation, consultation for people who face depression. Perfect counselling can also play a vital role on this regards.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies at Punjab University and she can be reached at: [email protected]

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