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Pakistani Rulers’ Lavish Lifestyles Amidst a Struggling Nation: Contrasting Simplicity with Global Leaders

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By Kaleem Ullah

All over the world, Indian rulers are famous for their simplicity and Arab rulers are famous for their Arabic clothes, and the founder of India, Gandhiji, has priority over all Indian rulers for living a simple life. Chinese rulers also chose a distinctive dress for themselves, and Chinese President Mao Zedong and Prime Minister Chuan Lai were imitated by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and he and his cabinet wore Chinese-style clothing, which drew criticism from the opposition. The bandmasters were also taunted by the dress. Bhutto Sahib used to wear shalwar kameez instead of a suit in public meetings and his shirt buttons were also unbuttoned in his emotions and he was called leader of the people because of this simplicity. The chairman of PTI also did not wear a suit after coming to power and even during his foreign visits, he used to meet world leaders in his national dress. Indian and Arab rulers also do not wear suits on world tours and some other countries, including Iran, including our neighboring country Afghanistan, wear their national dress, and the Taliban rulers set a record of simplicity and fed their ministers simple food. And have seen a simple life. Taliban leaders and rulers reduced their foreign trips and wherever they went, they went in their simple clothes

He felt no shame in his dress. In his 54-year journalistic life, Rakim has never seen any Prime Minister of the country leading a simple life and avoiding lavish rule. We must have seen the competition of Pakistani rulers wearing expensive and valuable suits, whose suits were not made in the country, but the companies with the best and most expensive suits at the global level also used to make the most expensive and the best suits for the Pakistani rulers and they were surprised. How much protocol do the rulers of Pakistan, a country in debt and with a majority of poor people, travel in? Wears expensive suits, expensive clothes and shoes. The rulers of Pakistan live in buildings like royal palaces and the competition of wearing expensive and expensive clothes is also becoming more and more popular among Pakistani presidents and prime ministers, while the majority of the people of Pakistan can hardly afford simple clothes and two meals a day. Apart from the Presidents and Prime Ministers who live in big palaces, Hajj, Ministers, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of Pakistan live in big bungalows and official residences in the official staff and expensive vehicles of their country. Rule over the poor. The rulers from the district to the federal government don’t wear expensive suits and travel in expensive cars to be isolated from the people, but they don’t get dozens of employees for official service, security personnel for protection, but they get electricity, gas and water. You don’t even have to pay the bill. Not only these gentlemen, their families also use government facilities like VVIPs and they also get expensive cars and free petrol. In a country where there is a shortage of electricity and gas, the residential areas and offices of government officials and VIPs suffer from load shedding of electricity and gas. Even though their offices are empty in summers, ACs keep the rooms cool throughout the day and the offices warm in winters because they are provided free petrol, gas, electricity by the government and electricity and gas bills of a few thousand rupees. In case of non-payment on time, the connections of common people are disconnected except at government offices

Despite owing lakhs of rupees for electricity and gas, they remain safe. Simplicity is not in the nature of our rulers and as soon as they come to power, they live lavishly, build properties abroad, enrich themselves and do business while in power. Every former ruler has been accused of building properties abroad and spends a lot of time outside the country even without power and stays in Pakistan for power. A politician in Pakistan, not to mention a stunt commissioner, thinks of himself as the king of his region and becomes a bureaucrat for official protocol and talk, not for simplicity. Recently, a video has gone viral on social media, in which Assistant Commissioner is prominently written on an official vehicle worth Rs. Recently, the caretaker government of Punjab has allocated more than one billion rupees to provide new and expensive vehicles to its officers. In this country, not all badges are Qazi Faiz Isa who comes to the Supreme Court on foot. Be it high government officials or chairman level people’s representatives all want to become VIPs and consider it their right to use government resources freely and no one is ready to take simplicity.

They consider lavish life as their right and simple life as the right of the poor. Why don’t the Pakistani rulers who claim equality with India simply confront the rulers there? Living in the grand neighborhoods of Banigala, Raimond and Model Town of three hundred kanals and in the modern and spacious Bilawal House, the British are not used to living in a small house like the Prime Minister, without protocol travel. Compulsory austerity, living in small houses, huts and under the open sky has been the fate of the poor whose rulers are verbally sympathetic to them and have been and will continue to come to power by showing them false dreams and further ruining them.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies 8 Semester at School of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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