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Pakistan’s Falling apart Climate: Critical Activity Required 

By Aqsa Sajjad  Pakistan, like numerous nations around the world, is confronting the serious results of a falling apart climate. The impacts of climate alter...

Pakistani Rulers’ Lavish Lifestyles Amidst a Struggling Nation: Contrasting Simplicity with Global Leaders

All over the world, Indian rulers are famous for their simplicity and Arab rulers are famous for their Arabic clothes, and the founder of...

The stringent IMF conditions: Pakistan’s economic challenges amidest rising inflation and political dilemmas

Hardly any country in the world has been imposed such strict conditions by the IMF as it has imposed on Pakistan. We accepted all...

Discover Pakistan: A Hidden Gem for Travel Enthusiasts

Pakistan, a country often overshadowed by misconceptions in the media, is a land of extraordinary beauty, rich history, and diverse culture. It is an...

Empowering Women: A Path to a Stronger Society

By Fatima Zahid Women empowerment is a pivotal concept in today's world, signifying the need to foster gender equality and provide opportunities for women to...

Rights of transgenders

We usually have noticed that gender is divided into two categories that is male and female. This is the first step where we completely...

Why mental health is not taken seriously in Pakistan?

By Mehrunnisa Jameel With a population of nearly 200 million, Pakistan has one of the worst mental health conditions, with less than 500 psychiatrists per...


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