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Rights of transgenders

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By Meerab Zeeshan 

We usually have noticed that gender is divided into two categories that is male and female. This is the first step where we completely ignore the third category that is transgender persons. Transgenders are always discriminated in all over the country. They are always bullied and ignored since they are born till they die. We cannot deny their existence as they are also human beings. They are created by God and this is God’s will who has created them like this.

The exploitation starts when they are born and parents refuse to take their own child. Mostly mothers take stand on this as they don’t allow the family to throw the child but there are rare cases in which parents have raised a trans child. Otherwise they have been sent to the transgender homes or mostly fathers drop them all alone in the markets.

If we may talk to any of a transgender and his journey one must feel hurtful enough as how emotionally damaging life they had been through. Usually in Asia, there is more quantity of transgenders and they are only found on weddings or on the traffic signals. None of them are allowed to work in offices or getting an education.

A few of them are accepted by their families and they are studying to be successful where “Saroo” is a good example who has done Phd from abroad. But there must be thousands of Saroo who wants to be successful. Who have gotten a lot of skills. But we only focus that they can become a good makeup artists or a good dancers. Transgenders can even become are very good doctors and engineers as men and women. Even women are accepted rarely to work like men in many areas till now. But at least they have maintained their presence and stood for their rights. Same how if we highlight a matter of transgenders it may take time for the society to accept them but it isn’t impossible.

If we discuss about the rights of transgenders, we ignore them because we know that there is no space for them as firstly, there are no separate schools for them . Even in co education, there is no space for them or if accepted they are bullied. Secondly, there are no separate washrooms for them. All public places has only two washrooms that is male and female. There should be a third room for transgenders. Lastly, and the most important part is that they should get equal allowance as male and female to get jobs. There should not be any compulsion for jobs that are restricted for only men and women. If all human beings would be treated same. The world would become more successful and less wicked.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies 8 Semester at School of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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