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The stringent IMF conditions: Pakistan’s economic challenges amidest rising inflation and political dilemmas

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By Kaleem Ullah

Hardly any country in the world has been imposed such strict conditions by the IMF as it has imposed on Pakistan. We accepted all his conditions but after releasing one episode he is applying new conditions again to release another episode. The IMF knows that the condition of the Pakistani people is very different and they are not even able to pay these electricity bills and the inflation will increase due to the increase in the price of petrol. But he is not missing the toss. The IMF does not insist on privatizing loss-making public enterprises, just as it insists on increasing the prices of electricity, petrol and gas. However, if he insists on this, the political parties including the People’s Party here, which have been preventing them from being privatized under the pretext of the rights of the people and the workers, will become silent just like they are silent on the electricity bills. The PML-N got rid of loss-making institutions whenever it wanted, while the biggest obstacle was seen by the Pakistan People’s Party. Politics has been going on here for a long time in the guise of workers’ rights, but today when the same workers are unable to pay their electricity bills, these parties remain silent spectators. Similarly, these political parties have been obstructing the way of building big dams here by raising slogans of exploitation of small provinces. However, if the dams like Kala Bagh were built on time, we would have got cheap electricity today and we would not be spared from the punishment of arbitrary contracts of IPPs. With these dams, the floods that are often destroying our villages and our crops would not only have been saved, but they would also have had the water they needed in times of need, but we know very well that of these dams

Who is the biggest opponent? The Benazir Income Support Program was started by the Pakistan People’s Party with the aim of helping the poor people by giving them a few thousand rupees every month. 1450 billion rupees were kept in the national budget every year with which the poor people would hardly be able to meet their household expenses, but if these 450 billion rupees are set up in factories and jobs are given to the poor youths, they will not only be able to stand on their own feet. If they had stood up, the country would have developed. It would have been much better to make them accustomed to begging by giving them two or three thousand rupees per month. Interestingly, the IMF does not see all of this. She also knows that these are the costs due to which Pakistan will always remain dependent and slave to them and they will continue to suppress it as they wish and get their work done. Perhaps that is why they privatize loss-making enterprises

Does not emphasize. Sri Lanka declared default a few months ago but the IMF did not impose the same sanctions as they are imposing on us. The clear and categorical reason for this is that it is not an Islamic country, secondly it does not have a nuclear project and thirdly it does not have any great project like CPEC which is a knock in the eyes of the world powers. That is why the IMF has not imposed any strict conditions for lending to him as it is imposing on us. His attitude towards us is very strict nowadays even though former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif tried hard to tame him

Put it in but they don’t miss it. The IMF agreement signed by Shaukat Tareen in his final days was not as strict and stringent as the terms accepted by Ishaq Dar. We well remember that at that time there was a condition of levy on petrol and it was said that it would be Rs 30 and that too in installments of Rs 4 per month, but when Ishaq Dar signed the agreement It is known that this levy will be 50 rupees and not in the form of installments either. Now we are being told that this levy is Rs 60 per litre. I don’t understand why the agreements made with the IMF are kept so secret that the people do not know where the limits of atrocities on it go and where it will stop. Some of our people here may not want us to get rid of the crutches of the IMF. Our eternal friend China is always ready to help us, but the same people or institutions here are reluctant to establish full relations with China due to the flattery of America. The desire to be in two boats has led us to the point where we are not willing to openly side with either side.

In the situation we are going through at the moment, nothing is giving us a brother from far away. Extreme on the horizon There are deep clouds of disappointment and hopelessness. The people’s lives are affected by the ever-increasing depreciation and inflation Two have been filled and the condition of the supervisors is that they don’t care about anyone, because they don’t even get votes from the people.

So they don’t even care what people say to them. The purpose for which they are brought And they are their real goal and purpose, by fulfilling which they will sneak out of the narrow street.

The writer is a student of BS Journalism Studies 8 Semester at School of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore. 

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