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Desi Parenting in Pakistan: Nurturing with Tradition or Shackling with Culture?

Desi Parenting is something that is deeply rooted in the heritage and culture of Pakistan. It shapes a child's upbringing with tradition and family...

Unemploymant and Skyrocketed Inflation becomes fate of the people

Unemployment has become the fate of Pakistani people. Before coming to power, all the governments say that we will end unemployment, like PTI chairman...

Mission Flying Out : Study Masters in Germany Part 1

Pakistan is facing a record inflation this year forcing a large number of higher educated citizens to leave country for a better future ....

Mission Flying Out : Study Masters in Germany Part 2

Part 2: Benefits & Total cost of German study visa As i said in previous part that Germany is a safe heaven for students now...

Friendship an unbreakable bond

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship between two people. We can not think about life without someone we can call friends. Isn't that so?...

The Digital Era and Physical Health

The digital era has had a profound impact on our physical health. On the one hand, technology can be used to promote physical activity...

Responsibilites of youth

Everyone grows the most when they are young. People go through joys, troubles, worries, but at the end of the day, we are all...


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